Thursday, 12 December 2013

Where the Magic Happens: Sprue Cutters Union #21

Greetings fellow Wargamers and Hobbyists, and welcome to the workshop. Before you, laid out in all it's muddled and almost mythical (well, maybe more than mythical) glory is...the Eternal Workbench (what a farce)!

This week, the Sprue Cutters Union has been asked to pause and remember who we are and why we are here, in a 'Back to Basics'. In a miniature modelling sense, not a philosophical sense.

- Show us your workbench! -
Jon has asked us to talk briefly about the space we have set aside to build models, paint them and to enjoy our hobby. Well in my house there is a destructive cocktail of antagonists which could well result in the perfect storm and see my entire hobby swept to oblivion if it were laid out in the house: A toddler and two clumsy cats. Not to mention a wonderful spouse who might tolerate my hobby, but only as long as it remains in stealth mode. In the garage. Out of the view of mortals and muggles.
So, with the scene set, let me introduce you to my workspace...

Yep, thanks to the restrictions of not having a dedicated space in the house (or time while at home for that matter) for enjoying my hobby, all of my painting and modelling kit fits into an old fishing tackle box. This seemingly Tardis-like vessel contains all the paints I use most frequently, brushes, files, clippers, pinning wire and a pin vice with teeny tiny drill bits, modelling putty, and even the models I am working on at any given moment. Providing they fit in the top tray on the box. But being as I batch paint, this isn't often an issue, unless I'm painting something big. Almost the entirety of the rest of my hobby - from boxes of gaming miniatures to tools and a gaming table - are stored in the garage until such time as they are called upon to serve.

If the models I'm painting just won't fit, I have an old steel-effect make up case which I rescued from it's torture, filled with egg box foam, and drafted into military service carrying around the models I am painting or small gaming sets like my Blood Bowl Team or Necromunda Gang to games nights. I guess it would be nice to have a dedicated modelling and painting area in the house, but having a small child running riot makes such things impractical, not to mention the fact that the hobby isn't something I can yet share with our son, and my wife has an aversion to. Eventually, when (and if) my son begins to take an interest, I will then look at having a space in the house where we can both have 'hobby time'.

At the end of the day, I have an hour long lunch break every day at work, with nothing better to fill that hour with than a sandwich, some painting, and continuous gaming podcasts, so having a 'portable workspace' fits in very well with my available hobby time, and means I can spend up to an hour painting and modelling every weekday, whether that's in my car, or in the work canteen. This suits me just fine at the moment. Now if only my son would grow up a little faster. Or my wife would just eat the damn green pill and turn into an avid Wargamer. Though if that happened, she's probably be better at it than me...

If you enjoyed reading this post (or wonder if anyone else could have done it better!), I invite you to check out the links below, which will take you to the blog posts of other union members. There is also a link to the 'Topic Hub' on The Combat Workshop, which is where members post the links to their responses to this week's topic.

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And last (but certainly not least!), if you would like to join the ever expanding Sprue Cutters Union, then take a look here for details. All you need is a blog and a passion for miniature modelling, whether it is scale models, your own sculpts, or wargaming miniatures, all are welcome.

As always, thanks for reading...

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