Monday 9 September 2013


Greetings wargamers and hobbyists. Today I want to bring you something a little different, but which will hopefully be of interest to you, especially the scale model builders among you with a preference for the Second World War...

...The Victory Show!

The Victory show is the UK's largest WWII reenactment event, with a plethora of beautiful military vehicles from the period, surrounded by dozens of soldiers in period uniforms from a variety of nations. There were some very interesting 'dioramas' laid out, including field hospitals, fuel dumps, Home Guard and kitchens, and I enjoyed the chance to get some shots of the participants just standing around and chilling, just as soldiers might have done when stood down during the war.

There were also several period aircraft doing their thing over on the air strip and in the air, including a Spitfire, a Hurricane, a Mustang, a Flying Fortress and a Messerschmitt. There were also some stunt flying bi-planes, and we got to see a flypast by the Red Arrows, and a Eurofighter Typhoon. The highlight of the day was a land battle where joint American and British forces stormed a dug in German force, including plenty og mobile armour and pyrotechnics. I feel compelled to advise you that the British made it to the German lines before their American battle brothers!

Anyway, I won't ramble on any more, just enjoy the pics...

Thanks for reading.

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