If you are reading this, then you are probably a family member, close friend or a person who likes the same stuff I do. You could just be a surfer, far from home shores, and have stumbled upon this blog rising up out of the mist, or maybe you're just nosey. Whichever it might be, thank you.

I should say, I'm not really a blogger. I just like to say what I'm thinking about the things that I like, and have found that '140 characters' just isn't enough. As you can guess from the name of the blog, this is mainly tabletop wargaming, typically of the Games Workshop variety. It will also be about the film that I just watched, and the book I am reading, or what I saw on the news today, but it's more than that.

This is a blog about trying, trying to fit the hobby I love and that has seen me through two decades of life changes around the demands of my life. I am thirty two years old, married for ten years, and have a son on his way to two and a half years old. I work full time. Given all of that, it's often not an easy thing to pin down that elusive 'hobby time', but I try.

I am the Eternal Wargamer, eternally trying to get that next game played, that next model painted, that next post typed. I will not always post what people want to hear, but it will be my truth. I will most assuredly ramble. If make even one reader smile, I will have achieved something. Hell, if anyone reads what I write at all, I will have exceeded my own expectations.

My wargaming hobby exists in only a few places: The club gaming table, the dashboard of my car where I do my painting at lunchtimes, and online. I consider the Astronomican Wargaming Community to be my home in the void, but I needed a space I could call my own.

So here it is, The Eternal Wargamer blog. In the grand scheme of my life, my hobby is far less important than other things, like my wife, my son and my job. It's a harsh world, full of far more important things than my words and whatever happens from here on in, this blog will not be missed!


  1. Oh dear, your own space on the web - welcome!

    And where will the newborn go from here...

    1. Hey matey. I'm hoping the newborn will learn something new each week, but I would like this thing to be a little bit different to what other people talk about. They say 'write about what you know', well, what I know is the experience I have had in the hobby, and I'm going to question all of it. We all have a different experience of the hobby, as we do life, and finding how we fit into the universe is one of the biggest questions...

      Plus, I don't think enough people talk about what goes on around the hobby, as well as just the hobby itself. This isn't just going to be another WIP thread, it's about the hobby and it's place in the world.

      Thanks for posting my first comment!