Friday 10 January 2014

Something to Talk About: Sprue Cutters Union #23

Greetings Wargamers and Hobbyists, and a very Happy New Year to you all. I sincerely hope that you enjoyed the festive season, whatever it was that you got up to, and of course that you were blessed with hobby related gifts and activities. Welcome to 2014!

I for one was fortunate, as I got to spend Christmas (when I wasn't working) in a cabin at a country resort with my family. My Birthday was yesterday as well, and between Christmas and Birthday have amassed some Fireforge Foot and Mounted Sergeants to join my Bretonnians as Men at Arms and Mounted Yeomen, the new Tyranid Codex, and one of the new Harpy/Crone kits, so not a bad haul at all. I may also have just enough cash left over to buy the new Dwarf book 'if' that happens to be the next Warhammer Fantasy release next month - *nudge-nudge, wink-wink*

More important by far, I received a very special gift from my wife: a voucher promising her time to try out playing one tabletop miniatures game! This is certainly not something I ever expected to receive, and intend to treat it with the utmost care and reverence. Willy Wonka can keep his golden tickets!

Anyway, on to the topic. For the first topic of this bright new year, the Union Members have been asked to talk about what we would like to talk about, by which literary muddling I mean that we have been asked:

- What three topics would you like to see the Union address? -

Though I know that John would always welcome suggestions for topics from members without having to be asked, I also think that this is a great topic to start us off for this year, and really did make me think, about what I might like to discuss but also about what might be suitable for the other members to discuss as well.

So, after quite a bit of consideration (believe it or not!), here are the three subjects I came up with:

1. Good colour, Bad colour

For this topic, I would like the members to tell us about two paint colours; the one they like to use more than any other, and the one they like to use least of all, and why. With my painting, there are some colours I love to use, and some that I would rather avoid.

2. Got Skills?

For this topic, I would like the members to discuss the one aspect of miniature modelling they have the most trouble with. This isn't necessarily something they hate having to do, but the thing they find most challenging to accomplish. I am confident that we all have at least one skill that we struggle with and would like to improve on.

3. I was there...

For this final topic suggestion, I would like the members, many of whom are scattered across several countries, to talk about the organised hobby event that they most like to attend or would like to attend. This would be a formal event like a convention or exhibition or some kind of competitive event for modelling or gaming.

So, there are my three suggestions. I honestly will not be offended if my suggestions don't appear in a Sprue Cutters Union post near you anytime soon!

If you enjoyed reading this post or would like to how much better my Union comrades did with this topic, I invite you to check out the links to their blog posts below:

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Also, check out the Topic Hub over on The Combat Workshop, where further links will be added as members post them, and where several have already listed their suggestions for topics.

And finally, if you fancy yourself as a Union Member and maintain a blog of your own, please have a look here for more details. A blog and a passion for miniature modelling are the only qualifications necessary to join.

For the first time this year, thanks for reading.

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