Saturday, 19 October 2013

Preparation: Sprue Cutters Union #13

Welcome fellow wargamers and hobbyists. This week, we find ourselves in my 'shake out' room. This is where I come to clear my head, shake out all the niggles and cricks in my joints, and stretch out those painting and modelling muscles, before I dive into starting a new project. Go on, shake out those joints! Excuse me one moment while I put on some relaxing underwater sounds...
This week, the Sprue Cutters Union has been asked to talk about how we prepare for a new build. What are your pre-build rituals that must be accomplished before you cut the first piece off the sprue?
- How do you prepare for your next build? -
Ok then, let’s start by noting a few things I don't do: I don't sacrifice any small animals, I don't carve a notch into my hobby knife handle with a machete, and I don't put on elbow length red velvet gloves. The cats are too hard to catch, my hobby knife had a steel grip, and the gloves are for Saturday nights only. As a wargamer though, what I do have to consider is one of the great things about many wargaming model kits - options!
Almost every wargaming model kit for any of the games I play comes with options both for how you want the models to appear aesthetically, and how you would like the models to be equipped 'in game', from multiple heavy gun options for tanks in 40K, to choosing between hand weapon and shield combinations, spears or halberds in Warhammer, which is just the tip of the iceberg.
So, when I'm ready to build a new unit or model, I check through the army list entry and decide what role I need the unit to fill, select the most appropriate equipment for the unit, then get building!
I guess the most involved prep I have ever had to do for a build is for my Mortis Engine for my Warhammer Vampire Counts army. The kit can be assembled as either the Mortis Engine (a diabolical carriage housing the cursed remains of a powerful practitioner of the darkest arts), or as the Coven Throne (an opulent mount for a Vampire Lady and her entourage).
I wanted to be able to use the kit as either of the two models, which required the purchasing of some rare earth magnets to allow me to make key components interchangeable (and therefore allow me to reconfigure the model), and also the acquisition of some advice on how best to achieve the result I wanted. I obtained both before I even started the build, and in the end, the careful preparation paid off.
So I guess that's it: decide what role the unit will fill, and build the kit with the appropriate equipment.
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