Tuesday 23 July 2013

The Bone Chapel

Greetings once more fellow wargamers, and welcome to the Bone Chapel.

This is a batch of photos I took of the amazing Bone Chapel in the grounds of the Igreja do Carmo church in Faro, while on holiday in Portugal last week. I found the place to be fascinating, and wanted to take some pictures both to document the visit and also to act as a reference for possible wargaming terrain projects.

I'm afraid I couldn't find any history on the building in English, but I do recall that the chapel is lined with the bones of more than sixteen hundred monks, whose remains were moved from a cemetery nearby and used to create this incredible chapel. I expect that this was the result of some kind of building works which required the cemetery to be moved to a suitable alternative location.

I hope these photos do sufficient justice to the place. 

Thanks for reading...

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